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1 April
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A day you wish for all your life that never comes. The day you find "the one"; the day you get your first kiss; the day you do something you've always dreamt of; maybe even the day you die (if you're Dorian Gray, maybe.) The neverday exists, but also does not exist all at once.

Before we begin, a couple of ground rules about my graphics journal:
o1. ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING. Hotlinking will use up bandwith, which means the images will cease working, and that means no more icons for you.
o2. Credit is mandatory. If you are caught using my icons without credit there will be consequences.
o3. Comment when taking an icon. It's not necessary, but I love getting comments about my work, so it would be greatly appreciated.
o4. Please do not customise my icons. I spend a good amount of time perfecting them so that they do not need editing. Textless icons are not bases, and should not be edited either.
o5. Do not put my icons on your webpage, not even with credit.
o6. Please read the first post in the journal before asking a question. You may find what you are looking for is already there.
o7. Affiliation requests are welcomed.

A random icon journal created by someone fairly new to PS. I love making icons and find it fairly theraputic, plus I get a sort of sick, twisted kick out of people enjoying something I made. Figures.

I want to post icons: I enjoy making them, but I'm fairly antisocial when it comes to the internet. I don't really want millions (mmm...egotastic...) of people following me up trying to get me to make them icons, or whatever. If I want to talk to you, then I will try to talk to you. Apart from in that instance, you're unlikely to hear from me. Sorry. That's just how I am. (Although my AIM screen name is listed, it's friend's only so unless I want you to see me, you won't. XP)

Name: If I like you enough, you worked it out, or you're stalking me, you already know. I had been hoping that restraining order would have have kept you at bay, though. If you don't know my name, a most likely case, then you may call me Trilby.
Age: Too old for internet perverts, too young to be one myself.
Gender: I'm probably a girl.
Location: London, United Kingdom.
Loves: Imagination, creativity, people who like my icons, comment and credit me with them (!). icons (given), hobbits, hats, boys, insanely long striped scarves, boys in eyeliner, boys in insanely long striped scarves, Johnny Depp, Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Josh Holloway, Lost, underdogs, my band, music, movies, games, eating carpet, you know; the usual stuff.
Hates: Leechers, people who think they're good at something when they're shit, people who think they're it, coursework, insomnia, bigots, dentists, the train in the morning.
Wants: To come home to find Dominic Monaghan naked in my bed. *thud*

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If you recognize a brush I used as your own, and I didn't either credit you here or in the post, please leave me a comment and I will rectify the situation as soon as I can.

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